1. General Rules

Art. 1. The terms used in the regulations have the following meanings:

  1. Player - The person is playing on the server
  2. Administration - server Administration and Helpers
  3. Player Account - an account with a unique login and password on the DBSU:EVO server, owned by DBSU Administration
  4. Mute - Penalty imposed on a player for breaking the following rules as a result, the player cannot write.
  5. Bot - A system built into the client by default.

Art. 2. The administration is not responsible for lost items or stolen accounts.

Art. 3. The administration will never ask you for your login / password, unless it is needed to prove pacc, change e-mail or account recovery.

Art. 4. The sale of characters and items for real money or in exchange for items in another game is strictly prohibited.

2. Characters

Art. 1. The name of the character cannot be vulgar or misleading.

Art. 2. The name of the character cannot be similar to any name of the administration.

Art. 3. The name of the character may not mislead other players as to his position on a server such as Administrator.

Art. 4. You're not allowed to use spell names, NPC's or monsters as a nickname.

Art. 5. You can't use real person name as a nickname in the game.

3. Chat

Art. 1. Each player is obliged to follow the rules of any type of chat..

  1. Trade - chat only for buying / selling or exchanging items
  2. Polish Chat - chat for free conversation between players in Polish, it is forbidden to write about the purchase / sale or exchange of items
  3. English Chat - chat for free conversation between players in English, it is forbidden to write about the purchase / sale or exchange of items
  4. Global Chat - chat for free conversation between players, it is forbidden to write about the purchase / sale or exchange of items
  5. Help - chat only for asking questions about the game.

Art. 2. Advertising yourself on any chat rooms must be consulted with the Administration and its consent must be obtained.

4. Game

Art. 1. Threats towards anyone that go beyond the server are not allowed

Art. 2. Advertising any other OTS server is not allowed

Art. 3. Blocking on respawns or players in PZ zones is prohibited

Art. 4. Each error in the game must be reported to the administration as soon as possible, and in the event of failure to report the error or use it, a penalty of a Ban or deletion of the account is possible.

Art. 5. Each bug/exploit and any other glitch must be reported using CTRL + Z

Art. 6. The administration has the right to withdraw the state of the game from 48 hours ago [Only in the event of a serious error].

Art. 7. Using errors in the game used to increase experience is prohibited.

Art. 8. Any racist/xenophobic behaviour will be punished.

Art. 9. Publishing private data or photos of another user in the game/forum or discord without his permission is not allowed.

Art. 10. Using multi-client to detecting position and disturb the gameplay of others in any way especially when MC character is non-pvp is not allowed, main character and MC gonna be deleted.

Art. 11. Using multi-client to abuse "Shared Experience" mechanic in party. You're allowed to use max 2 characters with unique class.