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Second_chance - DaWinBi 8.54
Second Chance System
This is a system for players who have played a lot of time on this server and would like to try out a different character without any losses.

The "Main Skill" will be converted - for example if you play as Naruto and his Main Skill is "Taijutsu" (with 98 Taijutsu, 14 Kenjutsu, 11 Distance) then you want to try out a "Distance" character
the main skills will switch places.

After the change your skills will look like this: 11 Taijutsu, 14 Kenjutsu and 98 Distance

Every change costs 1800 Premium Points (Except Minato & Obito [You only need scroll]).
To use the command - you can't be in fight (pz lock).

To copy a command, simply click on the character you prefer. (!changeprofession CHARACTER NAME)

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