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Commands - DaWinBi 8.54
Game Commands:

Check your profession spells.
Check your current saga.
Find out more Here.
Turn on/off special effect for your character.
Turn on/off notifications about level restriction.
Teleport to temple from trainers.
Turn on/off the visibility of the effects.
Turn on/off the visibility of the distance effects.
!autoloot (Premium)
Find out more Here.
Check where is your saga.
Check your MVP cooldown.
Check your balance.
dog sense nickname"
Player Sesne [Only works with Pakkun Pet].
Check who else have this saga.
Check your frags.
Check your PZ time.
Sealing your trainer back to scroll form.
Check your warnings.
Check your Stats.
Buy AOL.
Buy Blessings.
!skin 1, 2, 3
Choose a skin more info
Transform your character.
Revert to your first transformation.

House Commands:

Buy a house.
Sell your house.
Kick someone from inside.
Allows person to open doors.
Add someone to your house (This person cannot open door).
Allows person to add other players and open doors..
Leave from house.

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