Autoloot System

Introduction to Autoloot (Puar)!
To be able to use Autoloot (Puar), you first need to unlock it using Puar Card
Once you have Autoloot unlocked, you can begin configuring it by clicking on
Autoloot Icon

This icon can be found on your Topmenu

Autoloot Show

After clicking on this icon, you will see the following menu:
Autoloot Menu
In the menu, you will see a button:
Autoloot Add Button

Clicking this will prompt you to enter the name of the item.

Autoloot Add Menu

After entering the item name, it will be added to the list Autoloot Item List Next to the item, you will see two icons that function as follows:
Autoloot Choose Backpack

This option allows us to choose which backpack our loot should go to.

Autoloot Added Backpack
Autoloot Remove Item

Clicking this option removes the item from our list.

Remember that you can assign only two items to one backpack!

If the monster corpse contained items that are on our list, they will be automatically moved to the selected backpack.
If you're in party then your leader is only one with autoloot and whole party loot is sent to him.