Attack Speed

Introduction to Attack Speed Training!
To skill your attack speed you have to head into gym
Teleport to Gym

Teleport to Gym

And then you have to buy pass from
Gym Receptionist

Gym Receptionist

Your first pass is free, you can also use Free Gym Ticket with is obtained from casino. Otherwise you have to pay 5 Ryo Ryo

Your daily limit of training (Both Attack Speed and Movement Speed) is 2 and it can be increased by Ranks

Daily Limits reset at 24:00 (Polish Time)

How to skill Attack Speed?
Now you've bought Gym Pass and you can skill Attack Speed or Movement Speed
To skill Attack Speed you have to walk into this room:
And you have to stand in middle of training rooms
And Right-Click on gymPoof
For every HIT your Attack Speed will increase. You can also hit combos, after 10 sucessfull HIT's your Skill Rate will increase!
Max level of Attack Speed is 100